Let’s make green values work.
Let’s Green Office!

Welcome to the education platform for green office practices and waste management

What’s New

Let’s GO x Greeners Action

Let’s GO and Greeners Action will be jointly organizing green seminars and workshops.
We will be helping you and your company to create a sustainable office environment, with tips on putting feasible green solutions into practice.

Stay tuned!

Let’s GO is…

The first green office system to be coupled with the HKEX requirements on ESG reporting.

Offer training for all levels of management, to integrate the spirit of sustainability throughout the entire organization.

Suggest real, feasible energy saving and waste management practices for offices.

Provide baseline analysis to get a quantifiable result from energy and environmental improvement projects.


Let’s GO uncovers your company’s potential in creating positive impact to the business and to the world.

Cost reduction in office

Improve energy efficiency

Promote the use of renewable

Assessment for green office

Promote sustainable consumption and waste recycling

Encourage the integration of sustainability information into company’s reporting cycle

Route to sustainable business

Enhance multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge on sustainable development

Educate and promote

Raise awareness on climate change mitigation and impact reduction

Take actions to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions


Onsite Assessment

Know your performance, get advice for improvement.


Getting all your colleagues involved. Commit and take action.


Show your achievements to your stakeholders.


Raising the level of compliance, and even going beyond.

ESG Reporting

Let’s GO is the first initiative catered to the HKEX requirements on ESG reporting.

Here are the KPIs that Let’s GO help complying to

A1 Emissions

KPI A1.5: Description of measures to mitigate emissions and results achieved.

KPI A1.6: Description of how hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are handled, reduction initiatives and results achieved

A2 Use of Resources

General Disclosure: Policies on the efficient use of resources, including energy, water and other raw materials.

KPI A2.3: Description of energy use efficiency initiatives and results achieved.

KPI A2.4: Description of whether there is any issue in sourcing water that is fit for purpose, water efficiency initiatives and results achieved

A3 The Environment and Natural Resources

General Disclosure: Policies on minimising the issuer’s significant impact on the environment and natural resources.

Participating Companies

A green working space is just steps away.

It starts from now. It starts from you.